Thursday, February 19, 2015

sim card maker cracked by NSA

The National inSecurity Agency is an uncontrollable beast. Politicians(including your country) are very aware of the global crimes being committed and refuse to stop them.
The Republican/Conservative party(rightwing) created the current form of the NSA. And that includes a blackmail folder to send to politicians/people who try to stop them.

'Crimes Against Humanity' is a very real charge against these terrorists.
The latest Edward Snowden-fueled scoop from The Intercept indicates that the NSA and overseas intelligence allies hacked into the networks of the world's largest manufacturer of SIM cards to obtain encryption keys, effectively undermining phone security for users worldwide. According to the full, must-read report, the hack of Netherlands-based Gemalto took place sometime before 2010. Gemalto builds around 2 billion SIM cards annually for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and 450 other wireless network carriers in 85 countries worldwide.

This underlined below part is very important. Best guess, is it allows the NSA to impersonate a user and create a false evidence trail to trap that user into prison. A similar thing can be done when your computer is hacked.

A Snowden-provided slide indicates that British intelligence agency GCHQ access Gemalto's network via malware planted on several company computers. We "believe we have their entire network," boasts the slide's author. The report also notes that intelligence operators hacked into the networks of unnamed cellular carriers to access engineering and sale computers to "suppress" any billing or network footprints regarding the use of these stolen encryption keys.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

superb owl

It's that time of year again!!!!

Canadians will sit down in front of the TV to watch Superb Owl special commercials.

Oh wait... Canadians are banned from seeing the commercials.

An unlawful thing called 'signal substitution'.

It's where Canadian TV networks violate your 'freedom of communication' by substituting their signal over the U.S. TV station you thought you were watching.

They do this for profit. In the law, this is called a few decades in prison for Charter violations, offense by their executives. Millions of people being violated, times 2 month prison sentence per, equals, oh my.

Big 'ol update: CRTC is ruling that after the 2017 Superb Owl game is played, no more censorship of the commercials. Bell is quite upset at the partial restoration of the people's Rights.   Will the CRTC go further and put an end to the illegal act of signal substitution?  We shall hope.

Why 'Superb Owl'?  They don't like it when you use their, unincorporated non-profit, name.

Heres a writeup about how the control organization of the NFL makes billions of dollars, but doesn't really have to pay taxes.  One team is even owed by the public, and then the NFL board made public ownership illegal, because public ownership worked.

Corporate welfare should really be classified as a crime, especially all those bribes paid to those in power. Taxpayer funded stadiums, Oil Barron gets yearly billion dollar's for doing nothing, private company is given possession of public property/infrastructure. Yes, in Canada.
Bribery takes many forms. Insider trading, Free 'gifts', A guaranteed job after your political life, And outright cash payments.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Harper spies on innocent people
 Harper to implement a massive increase in his martial law. A direct violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He will never face prison or punishment for his massive crime.
Maybe if he wasn't so afraid of "other people", he might stand a chance of not being seen as insane by the people.  There is no sanity test to become a politician or police or judge. It would take a Humanitarian act by the courts to remove an insane politician/leader.

Canada's spy agency is illegally monitoring a large part of Canadians digital activities.

Wiretapping is a crime. A secret court to get unlawful warrants to wiretap, is a crime.

Since politicians like throwing around the word "terrorism" so much... Even when it's some dumbass holed up in a coffee shop...
They pretend they are only spying on evil people, but Harpers government considers all Canadians, to be terrorists. This is the same Harper who has declared his allegiance to Israel(a cataloged terrorist organization, for the crimes against humanity committed against Palestine) by declaring a Canadian charity a terrorist organization. Cut off at the knees other charities and public help/environment organizations. Who is the obvious real Terrorist in Canada? Prime Minister Harper, of course. You can still donate money to starving executives who made some commercials with footage they "created" in Africa.

When you try to out a corrupt politician, and he blackmails you with the data unlawfully collected, to shut you up? Out him anyways. Your service will better the lives of all people. The NSA already blackmails politicians to shut them down, every time they try to bring the NSA under legal control.
G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney created the monster known as the NSA. They even had a hand in ignoring what the Saudis were about to do, which caused billions of dollars in profit for Cheney. Along with the death of almost a million innocent people in the Middle East.
Canada's electronic spy agency has been operating a massive global surveillance operation that targets users of popular file sharing websites, according to a new report published early Wednesday morning by The Intercept and CBC.

The program, code named LEVITATION, is based on newly released documents obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. It was created by Canada's Communications Security Establishment (CSE) to identify and locate users around the world who access files such as "Jihadist propaganda" or bomb-making guides on file sharing websites such as Rapidshare and the now-defunct Megaupload.

​According to the docu​ments, CSE analysts "see about 10-15 million" uploads and downloads each day, but only "350 interesting download events per month," which amounts to less than 0.0001 percent of all events.

Remember when the police saw crime and acted? Instead they now enforce pre-crime. Where a computer program catalogs everyone and determines who might upset the status quo.

“CSE is clearly spying on the private online activities of millions of innocent people, including Canadians, despite repeated government assurances to the contrary,” said David Christopher, spokesperson for the Canadian internet policy advocacy group OpenMedia, in a statement. “Law-abiding Internet users who use popular file hosting services are now finding themselves under the government’s microscope.”

This time last year, another CSE document was released detailing the agency’s efforts to identify targets who connected to public WiFi hotspots, and track their past and future movements worldwide. The program was trialled at a major Canadian airport, and similarly criticized for its indiscriminate collection of us​er data.

Anyone who has used airport wifi... All the data you did is in the government's database of crime.

 If you have your wifi on and not using it, turn if off. It's a great tracking device. Illegal to use to track you, of course.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

rightwing us gov still violates

The rightwing NSA still is enforcing U.S.A. martial law on the World.
Canada as of Jan2015 is still under martial law, imposed and reinforced by rightwing thinking. That thinking? Paranoia...
Google revealed to WikiLeaks on Christmas Eve – a traditionally quiet news period – that it had responded to a Justice Department order to hand over a catch-all dragnet of digital data including all emails and IP addresses relating to the three staffers. The subjects of the warrants were the investigations editor of WikiLeaks, the British citizen Sarah Harrison; the spokesperson for the organisation, Kristinn Hrafnsson; and Joseph Farrell, one of its senior editors.

When it notified the WikiLeaks employees last month, Google said it had been unable to say anything about the warrants earlier as a gag order had been imposed. Google said the non-disclosure orders had subsequently been lifted, though it did not specify when.

Secret U.S.A. court rubber stamps unlawful search demands.
Gag orders are just a way to keep unlawful government activities hidden away from public view. Tell everyone you are being persecuted? Off to prison, you!

Prime Minister Harper endorses these crimes of surveillance. After all, Wikileaks has shown he is a willing puppet of the U.S. republican party. The party that imposed martial law many years ago. You might know that 'martial law' has another name for your specific country.  Something like 'protecting the children' or the 'patriot act' or 'hey stupid! No Rights for you!'.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

iphone and the cloud

Do you trust your iphone? Do you trust Apple?
 Snowden: iPhones Have Secret Spyware That Lets Govt's Monitor Unsuspecting Users
The NSA whistleblower's lawyer says the secret software can be remotely activated to watch the user.

 It has been known for quite awhile that peoples cellphones(most any brand) can be remotely turned on in order to listen to the user or track them. And you just thought your phone was broken. Maybe you were just so forgetful, that you forgot if you turned it off.

Imagine the fake trail of criminal acts that the government can pin on you, by using your phone's tracking. Can you deny you were at the mall when a certain criminal act happened?  Can you deny it is your vehicle on the traffic cam's, near the point of gun shots reported? Oh the police just pulled you over for supposedly speeding  and then strangely demanded a search of your vehicle, and what do they find? Enjoy some jail time from the "evidence" that was planted at some point.Oh haha, you thought your car alarm protected you, well say hello to the backdoor access(or something was slipped into the undercarriage).

The real interesting thing about Apple, is the icloud. Your phones data is uploaded to the cloud and no need to access your phone for the data within.  Apple had a couple of security holes that were well known to abusive law enforcement. They then used a small program to crack your password and access all that information. It is definitely a crime, but who you going to call for justice?

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association. Take a bite out of crime.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

canadas spyware agency

So this is the place, eh?

Quit spying on the innocent people of Canada, under the guise of finding the Saudis who attacked 'Murica.

Bush the junior applauds the Americanization of Canada. The U.S. republican party even made one of their agents(Harper) the Prime Minister of Canada.

Can you picture it? Spyware agency admits they listen to Harpers communications and officially admits that Harper is a terrorist, whom does the bidding of a rightwing extremist organization.  Then they put Harper in a cage for 60 years and Canada becomes a democracy again, where the will of the rational people rules the land.

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police use radar to see inside your home

The militarization of police continues. Police now have a radar device that can see inside the home and returns a echo of the inside.

Quite illegal to use.

It goes with the stingray device(also illegal) that finds/catalogs cellphones via their unique IMEI.
Even goes with the thermal imaging camera to see inside. Also illegal to use.

Warrants to search, are the law. To get a warrant to search, requires factual information to get a warrant in the first place. Conducting an unlawful search and then getting a warrant, is a major crime.

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